We use cookies on this website. The cookies used are so-called "technically necessary cookies", which do not require the active consent of the user. Further information can be found in our data protection declaration.


What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are small text documents or pieces of code that contain a unique identification code. Cookies store information such as your preferred language or other personal page settings. If you visit the application at a later time, your browser transmits the stored cookie information back to the application. This allows individual information that is suitable for you to be displayed.

Among other things, cookies ensure that you remain logged in during your visit to a website and that the website works without problems.

What kind of cookies do we use?

We only use technically necessary cookies to ensure that the website works properly.

Which cookies are used specifically?

1. Session cookie: This cookie is used to identify the user during ongoing interaction and is automatically deleted when the browser window is closed. More specifically, the session cookie is used for the following:

  • Assignment of an application to a browser during the application process
  • Assignment to a user existing in the system ("I am logged in as Max Mustermann")

2. Applicant cookie: This cookie is checked/set when accessing the JobPortal. It is used to create an evaluation from which website the applicants were directed to the application. It can also be used to determine whether these applicants completed their application via this site. The applicant cookie is created for one week and is only evaluated internally and not passed on to third parties. Like any cookie, it can be deleted at any time via the browser.

3. Banner cookie: This cookie is set as soon as a user has clicked on the banner. As a result, the banner is no longer displayed for this user. The cookie stores the state of the banner for one year. Thus, at the latest after one year, the banner appears again.